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Sitting on a volcano!

Mr. Firas, the law of relativity, or the relativity of the law

A few weeks ago my wife and I were supposed to move to a different apartment within the building where we used to live. For two months we were talking with our Syrian manager and handyman Issam, who sought to accommodate … Continue reading

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A hardship post

If it was not preceded by its fame, Goma at a glance could hardly be said a difficult place. Lake Kivu is anachronistically calm, peaceful, surrounded by a hilly landscape, intensely green, that contrasts with the black lava ground on … Continue reading

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People leaving

When people write stories about themselves, it is for a reason. When they write about others, it must be for a good one. For the second time in my life, I happened to be part of a story of a … Continue reading

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Chi conosce Jeffrey Tayler

Qualche tempo fa leggevo su una rivista semiseria, forse su un aereo che mi portava da qualche parte, che il massimo numero di persone che un individuo riesce a gestire nel suo circolo di contatti é di 400 alla volta. … Continue reading

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Congo: the neighbor from Hell

Dal punto di vista umanitario, una crisi gia’ precipitata: 2.200.000 tra sfollati e rifugiati; il rischio che se ne aggiungano altri 300.000 a breve se l’attacco dei ribelli a Goma verra’ portato a termine; un’epidemia di colera iniziata nel 2011 … Continue reading

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