So men created God in their own image

The story that religions tell us would be so much more convincing if they could only revert the order of the factors.

If religions would state that men created God , they would easily win the eternal debate with atheists that would eventually surrender to the incontrovertible evidence that God not only exists, but he/she influences our lives every single day of our existence, whether you want to believe or not.

I save you from the obvious examples of this evidence.

The statement would fit well in neuroscientific theories that say that not only we inherit genes and a specific DNA that somehow predetermine many of our characters, but we become what we are through the constant interaction with the external environment that we also contribute to shape, in a mutual continuous exchange of energy and matter.

What we are is a combination of internal and external factors, a balance between our will and energy, and the contribution from the external world. In a way that we and our environment are one instable balance between multiple concurrent forces.

The same principle applied to God would bring to the logical conclusion that without men, God could not exist. Men shape God in their own image, and eventually so does he/she.

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